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________Once upon a time, there's a boy name Nizam Iskandar. He was very an unfortunate person, instead he is very clumsy, idiot, even no one likes him. He once tried to be a gentleman but he got slap, he tried to be a comedien but he got boo, he tried to be a racer and he got crash, he tried to be a scientist but he blew up the whole laboratory, then he tried to fine 1 cent coin on the road. It is been 2 weeks after his exploration, he kept almost 300,000.00 cents.
________With the coins, he got himself a device call "LAPTOP" with a brain which they called it "INTEL CORE i7" and an access to a website through a connection where it have no wires, call "FACEBOOK", at a coffee shop which people call them "OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE" but he never found the white one and all of them is just black colour. Thus, he met a girl. The girl she met was a cute one, about his age. He didn't know where to start, how to make friends nor to make the girl laugh, but one day, a dog in a hat came knocking in front of his door. He was shock for a while until he notice it was just a costume which we called it "COSPLAY". He don't really get it. The person in the costume is a salesman from a shoe shop that is very famous where all the teenage girls like to go to, "HUSH PUPPIES". He was selling dogs shoes (not dog's shoes but shoes with dog). At first he was mistaken that the shoes if for dogs. He went to a place where people call them "A SHOPPING CENTER" and survey those shoes, but he found out that none of them fit for his neighbour dog because it is too large.
________In co-incident, he accidentally knock a girl down. He tried to help her out and it was the first success thing he ever did. The girl cute voice say "THANK YOU, You MORON, OPEN YOUR EYE WHILE WALKING", He was down again. He went straight home and felt asleep in front of his bungalow doorway. Because he was feeling so down, he forget to rearm his transport with a bull logo on it and 2 letters which is "S" and "V", the italian called this metal with round rubbers stick on rim "LAMBORGHINI MURCIELARGO SV". That night, a thieft tried to steal his bull transport but didn't know how to start them. The thieft gave up and break into his house but he found nothing. The thieft was really dissappoint that he only able to steal a can of soda water that NIZAM ISKANDAR have kept for 6 years.
_________The next morning, he decided to dress up with the latest fashion, this time he went to the shoe shop again and ask for a pair of girls shoe. He take out a piece of plastic card which known as "CREDIT CARD" and swipe the shoes for $ 2500.99 which already been discount for 70%. He wraped the shoes a piece of papers with colourful drawing on it, they call them "PRESENT PAPER". He went out to a riverside, he shout out loud the girl "FACEBOOK ID" name. Suddenly somebody if laughing out loud and commonly known as "LOL!". When he turn his head towards that person, there goes the angel that was on the otherside of the digital world but is now right in front his very own organ call "EYES". He was really happy and never expect it to happen, thus he walk towards that girl is his gentleman way. That girl keep on smilling, like it is really "LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT". In few steps, his right in front of that girl and giving her the "DOGS SHOES"
__________He ask the girl out for a drink and the girl couldn't resist his offer. He open the door of his bull car with the letter "S" and "V" on it and hold the girl hand until she sit confortablely in the car. He jump into the driver seat and start the engine. The engine with 12 bore and stroke where mostly people called it "V12" roared. He drive and the speed keep on increasing. When he reach the coffee shop, the girl, ->KISS ME OUT OF NOWHERE<- Seconds from disaster, he woke up in his bed for "SCHOOL".....(THE GOD DAMN ALARM CLOCK IS RINGING)................Too bad it was just a wet dream for him.

...I like to write and this is me...a short story for me to get happy.....
  • Mood: Humor


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Living a single life
work as an Design Engineer for precision technology company
watch anime all the time
online all the time
specialize in using Solid Works 3D 2010/2012

anything just add me on facebook

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